IT project management Agile

IT Project Management. Methodology of Agile 

Nowadays successful business development is as much simple as never before. Not only because of the technology is greatly facilitated, but also by advanced professionals who will take full care of your business and ensure that everything goes the way you want. The management of IT project, the creation of a website or e-store is in the hands of professionals - a quick and easy way to reach more than you have so far.


• The project's relevance, objectives and competition are being assessed, this might lead to the direction of action and change the strategy chosen to achieve a higher level of activity.
• A technical task is created that helps to identify the measures that will help the project to materialize during the second step. Evaluate what kind of online business platform is the best and that can help maximize the maximum results. 
• Gathering up-to-date information on providers, analyzing their specific situation, making recommendation and giving the advice in order to help you to save as well as to achieve more.
• Ensuring that the projects are carried out correctly, adjusting the target and the tasks according to the required steps.
• Project advertising and support can be evaluated it might ensure a more successful and functional business development, such as visual and textual content, digital marketing strategy, communication opportunities and so on.

IT project management requires not only professionalism, but also full commitment and flexibility that can help you achieve the best possible result by investing in the lowest costs. By leaving the web project development to professionals, you can be sure that all the technical work will be done for you, at the same time you will be able to focus on generating a business idea and maximizing the benefits. Our team of professionals is constantly improving and interested, looking and discovering, so responding to the changing opportunities we can ensure the full success of an IT business. Do not wait for customers to contact you with the problem. We are solving it before it exists!

Project Management is a complex, comprehensive and highly flexible work that requires constant improvement and maximum effort. Responding flexibly to changing environmental impacts and adapting to opportunities is paramount.
We manage the project that is planned on the Agile principle, i.e. The project is carried out in stages (called - sprints). Usually one sprint lasts for 2 weeks so we do the planned works with the customer during that time.

We close the sprint after finishing it, we make tasks to the new sprint and we work further from the prepared task archive. The principle of Agile is good because the whole project development is business-oriented, so if there is suddenly execution during the sprint and if there is a need to change something, we have just to adjust it, then we remove something from "sprint", we upload the updated task and work on it.

Another advantage of Agile is that the project "deployment" takes place as often as possible. There is no need to wait for the end of the sprint to allow the customer to see 2-week changes.
We use an additional testing environment called "stage" for large-scale projects. System makes updates constantly on the agenda for scheduled tasks. Testing takes place in that system and at the same time client sees how tasks are being performed. At some point (after sprint or on demand) "deployment" is made into the productive environment i.e. updated real project.

We use Jira software to plan and manage the tasks. We give access to the client if necessary. He can see the progress of the project, the issues that need to be solved, the progress of the stages, progress, problematic/critical points and etc.

Your online project is like our own. And we will take a good care of it!