Privacy policy always protects the privacy of its customers, so we present the principles of collecting and using information about visitors on our website in this section.


In order for this site to function properly, it sometimes records small data files of your device called cookies. The same is for the most major websites.

Cookies – what is it?

A cookie is a small text file that a site saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit it. As a result, the website may “remember” your actions and options for a certain period of time (such as your registration name, language, font size, and other display options) and you do not need to re-enter it every time you visit the site or as you browse its various pages

Kinds of the Cookies

Essential Cookies – these are the Cookies required for the proper functioning of the Site. They allow you to use certain features of the Web site, such as secure access to the account created on the Site.

Analytical/Performance Cookies – data collected by these Cookies are about how many users use the Website and what content they choose to navigate and other information needed to improve the functionality of the Site.

Functional Cookies are cookies used to identify the User who re-uses the Website. They help to personalize the content displayed on the Website, save the selected settings and so on.

Promotional/Third-Party Cookies – with the help of these Cookies, the information about the use of the Site is adapted to the presentation of any advertising or other targeted information of interest to the user.

How does SubconIT (the Company) use cookies? uses cookies to collect your IP address and browsing information, such as the website you are visiting or the time spent on each website. This allows the website to remember your system and settings.

Google Analytics Cookies allow the Company to track website traffic and user actions on the site – the Company uses this data to analyze visitor behavior and to improve the experience of visiting the site.

Google AdWords uses a website advertising analytics service, which is also used for conversion tracking as part of Google AdWords. Whenever a site visitor clicks on an ad submitted by Google, Google AdWords places a conversion tracking cookie on the visitor’s computer hard disk (called a “conversion cookie”). Google Adwords provides indiscriminative information about you and your browsing habits for the remarketing purposes.

Cookies are installed on your device when you visit our website. Note that if you disable cookies in your browser some features of the site may be partially or completely disabled.

The legal basis for using cookies is the legitimate interest of the Company in ensuring the technical functioning of the website. In cases where cookies are used to remember your choices and compile statistics the legal basis for using cookies is your consent.

Who has the access to your data?

The Company’s employees who are responsible for analyzing these data and improving the website have the access to statistical data about the visitors of the Company.

In addition, access to technical records may be made by the Company’s partners who provide the Company with content management tools for the website or hosting services of the Company.

The Google Analytics Tool is provided by Google Inc. (US Company), so it also has access to the statistics collected by this tool. Google Inc. is committed to the principles of the EU-US Privacy Shield that ensure that the service provider complies with privacy standards of EU. This provider is also a subject to contractual privacy obligations. You can read about it here:

The access to the cookies has the partner of Google AdWords.

How long does the Company maintain the data?

The company uses the data collected for analysis up to three years.

Cookies are usually shorted for a short period, depending on the type of cookie (about one minute, an hour, a day, a week or a month), however they might be stored up to three years in some cases.

Your rights and how you can use them

Contacting the Company by email [email protected] or other specified contacts of the Company you may exercise your rights, including those related to the processing of personal data by using cookies. You should submit your application together with your personal identification document or, in the manner prescribed by law, by means of electronic devices of communication that enable the person to be properly identified after you have verified your identity.

Your rights:

You may have the right to request that you restrict the processing of your personal data or refuse to process your personal data in some cases.

Your personal data will be erased upon your request and the Company will retain the copies only about the information that is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of third parties as well as to comply with the obligations of state institutions, settling of disputes and to identify disturbances.

How do I manage cookies?

You can delete all the cookies that already are on your device. In addition, you can set the most of the browsers to prevent cookies from being installed. However, if you do so, you may have to enter your preferred settings manually each time you visit a website. In addition, some services and features may not work. You can manage and/or delete it with your request at any time. You can set that cookies not to be saved in most browsers.

Managing cookies in your browser

Most browsers might:

Remember that all the options you set will be removed if you chose to delete cookies. In addition, by the time cookies are completely blocked, many websites (including our site) might not to work properly or your site might not be fully browsed. We do not recommend disabling cookies when using our website for these reasons.

Choosing “Not to follow”

The technology “Not to follow” gives the ability to visitors in order to prevent them from following websites for any purpose, including analysis and advertising and social platforms. How to enable the “do not follow” option in your browser:

Or visit here:

The right to complain

If you believe your rights to privacy have been violated, feel free to contact the Company by email. [email protected]. You can also file a complaint with the State Data Protection Inspectorate or you can go to court.